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Fares and passes

Fares and passes The wheels go round and round

Fares and passes

We are working on improving our fares information, so keep checking back here.

The First Bus mTickets app allows you to purchase tickets on your phone. They also have a journey planning app for android or iphone which provides fare information for First Bus services in Wiltshire.

Sample fares

You can  find sample fares for Salisbury Reds services in Salisbury and the south of the county here.

You can find First bus ticket prices here.

In July 2014 the following fares are available:

  • Trowbridge Town bus (T1) £1.50 any single trip, £1 for students with ID card, 75p for children
  • Chippenham Town bus  (44A, B,D,M) £2.80 return
  • Melksham Town bus (14/15) £1 any single trip
  • Bradford-on-Avon Town bus £1.50 return, £1 child return, £0.60 single for school journeys
  • First Day ticket £7.  This is the maximum fare you will pay using First bus services e.g. for journeys from Chippenham or Trowbridge to Bath, Melksham, Salisbury and Frome
  • First Bath Outer Zone ticket £6. Unlimited travel for one day on First bus services within 12 miles of Bath city centre

If you are planning a day trip using buses from different operators, you may find it cheaper to use a Day Rover ticket.

Season tickets

These can help reduce the costs of daily travel.

  • Stagecoach offers the Megarider Gold, which allows you to travel for around £3.65 per day on their services in north Wiltshire and counties to the north. North Wiltshire is the ‘West’ location. You may need to select your location as ‘Chippenham’ to find this ticket.
  • Stagecoach also offer the Avon Valley Megarider Gold which allows travel between Calne and Chippenham for around £2.25 per day.
  • Thamesdown Travelpass  tickets allow you to travel into Swindon, including their park and ride, for less than £2.50 a day.
  • Faresaver offers weekly tickets for £20. Now also offering mobile ticketing on majority of services.
  • First offer Bath Outer Zone weekly, monthly and annual tickets. A weekly ticket is £4.40 a day, an annual ticket is around £3.50 a day.
  • First bus offer West of England weekly, monthly and annual tickets. A weekly ticket is £5 a day, an annual ticket is around £4.40 a day.
  • In the south of the county, Wilts & Dorset offers the network saver and Salisbury network saver, which allow you to travel for around £2 per day throughout Wilton and Salisbury, or around £3.50 per day on any of their services throughout south Wiltshire and counties to the south.

Park & Ride

For Salisbury Park & Ride services, pre-pay tickets allow you to travel for £2.13 for a return trip, or under £3 for a group of four people. Please see our Park & Ride page for more information.

Bus and rail tickets

Plusbus tickets are available for Chippenham   and Salisbury, and many towns outside of Wiltshire. They are valid on most bus services within the town. The Plusbus website shows the zones covered and participating operators. You can buy these as part of your rail ticket from the ticket office or through First Great Western  or South West Trains.

You can also buy combined bus-rail tickets for some longer bus journeys. Our combined bus and rail ticket leaflet shows the fares currently available in Wiltshire.


Disabled and eligible older people are entitled to a concessionary bus pass that allows free travel on buses.

Student discounts

Some travel to school is offered free or at a discount by Wiltshire Council.

There are also number of travel discounts available to students. Click on these links for further information:

  • First Bus – around £3.50 a day with the West of England tickets
  • Plusbus – 33% off bus tickets bought with your rail ticket
  • Salisbury Reds – child tickets available up to 19 years old
  • Faresaver – students can travel at child rate with valid ID. Annual passes available on some routes.

Did you know?
5% of COis produced by bus compared to 60% from passenger car trips of the UK road transport sector.