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Chippenham rail Station

Chippenham rail Station

Chippenham rail Station

Through the Connecting Wiltshire programme, Wiltshire Council and Great Western Railway (formerly First Great Western) have been working to improve accessibility to Chippenham Station. This includes:
·         New cycle parking to be installed in Winter 2014/15
·         A new map showing cycling and walking routes

Through the Government’s ‘Access to All’ scheme, Great Western Railway started work on 29th November 2014 to install lifts to improve access for disabled people, people with luggage/pushchairs and cyclists. This work is due to be complete in Spring 2015.

Provisional funding has been secured through the Government’s Local Growth Fund  to improve Chippenham Station in 2016/17. This will include:

·         Improvements to car parking arrangements
·         Raising the bridges to allow electrification of the line. Electrification will improve the reliability of train services and allow trains to be used which emit less pollution.