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Reducing travel

Reducing travel

Reducing travel

One of the most effective ways of saving you money, and helping the environment, is if we all, as individuals, reduce the amount of travelling we do – and despite what you might think, this is actually quite easy to do with some of the small journeys we all make by car.

By cutting down on the number of journeys you make you can save time, money, stress, strain and bother. If you take a bit of time to plan your trips, you may find there are some journeys you don’t need to make at all, and pretty soon it will be second nature to reduce how much time – and money – you spend on travel. You can also explore car sharing as a way of reducing the impact of your travel on your wallet and the local environment.

Did you know?
In the south west around 51% of trips made are for leisure or shopping? If you reduce your travel by cutting out two return trips of a mile each way you could save over 1kg of CO2.

Holiday locally

Why not take a holiday locally in Wiltshire or its’ surrounding counties?

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