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Fares and Passes

Get around for £2!

Wiltshire bus users can now travel on most routes in the county for just £2 or less for a single fare.

The fare price reduction has been funded by the Government, and is aimed at getting more people to use buses across the country during the current cost of living challenges.

As part of the promotion, many single bus fares in Wiltshire have been capped at just £2. If the single fare was originally less than £2, it will remain at the reduced price.

Where will you go?

Bus tickets on your phone

Faresaver, First Bus, Salisbury Reds and Stagecoach now allow you to purchase tickets on your mobile phone. Details of how to set this up can be found on their websites:

Contactless payment is available on most bus services in Wiltshire now, including Salisbury Reds, Faresaver, Stagecoach, Discover from First, Coachstyle, Swindon’s Bus Company and Beeline (services 24, 54, 57 only). Plans are in place to update our remaining operators’ ticket machines by March 2023.

Tickets and fares

You can find ticket prices for the following bus operators by clicking on the links below.

  • Faresaver buses click here
  • Discover from First bus ticket prices click here
  • Stagecoach ticket prices click here
  • Salisbury Reds click here

Please note that different operators offer a variety of payment methods for tickets. For example, you may have options to buy tickets from the driver, online, or via a mobile app.

If you are planning a day trip using buses from different operators, you may find it cheaper to use a Wiltshire Day Rover ticket. This provides one day’s unlimited travel on nearly all local bus services in Wiltshire.


If you make a regular journey, but don’t travel every day most bus operators offer flexi-tickets.

Tap on, Tap off

Not sure which ticket to buy? Unsure of your travel plans? Tap on, Tap off might be the answer. Salisbury Reds, Swindon’s Bus Company and Discover from First now offer Tap on, Tap off using contactless payments. All journeys must be on the same operator’s buses, so if your journey involves more than one operator a Day Rover ticket may be more appropriate.

Season tickets

These can help reduce the costs of daily travel. Please note the cost of a season ticket may vary depending on your method of purchase. For example, prices may vary depending on whether you buy your ticket online, via a mobile app or directly from a bus driver.

  • Stagecoach offers the West Megarider Gold, which allows you to travel for around £4.80 per day, or £24 per week on their services in the north Wiltshire area.
  • Stagecoach also offers the Chippenham Megarider which allows travel between Calne and Chippenham for around £2.70 a day or £14.50 week.
  • The TravelPassPlus  gives unlimited travel on all Swindon’s bus company and Stagecoach buses within Swindon and to and from Royal Wootton Bassett, Purton and Cricklade for £18.00 a week, which works out at around £3.60 a day if you were to use it five days a week.
  • Faresaver offers weekly tickets for around £24 a week, depending on your method of purchase.
  • Discover from First offer either weekly, monthly and annual tickets for the West of England Zone which covers a number of towns in Wiltshire. A weekly ticket costs around £28 whilst a monthly ticket costs around £90. Annual tickets are also available.
  • In the south of the county, Salisbury Reds offer weekly and monthly tickets for either the Salisbury saver zone or the wider network. Prices for the saver start from £15.50 a week or £28 a week for the wider network. Annual tickets are also available for the Salisbury zone costing just over £525.

Park & Ride

Tickets from any of our Salisbury Park and Ride sites to the city centre and back cost £3.00, or just £4.00 for a group of 4 people travelling together. Please see our Park & Ride page for more information.

Bus and rail tickets

Plusbus tickets are available for Chippenham  and Salisbury (they are valid on most bus services within the town) and many towns and cities outside of Wiltshire such as Bath and Bristol. The Plusbus website shows the zones covered and participating operators. You can buy these as part of your rail ticket from the ticket office or through Great Western Railway  or South Western Railway.


Disabled and eligible older people are entitled to a concessionary bus pass that allows free travel on buses.

Student discounts

Some travel to school is offered free or at a discount by Wiltshire Council. There are also a number of travel discounts available to students and young people. Click on these links for further information:

  • First Bus – around £5.00 a day with the West of England tickets
  • Salisbury Reds – child tickets available up to 19 years old
  • Faresaver – students can travel at child rate with valid ID. Annual passes available on some routes.

Did you know?
5% of COis produced by bus compared to 60% from passenger car trips of the UK road transport sector.


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