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Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular. These types of cars differ from the conventional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) in the way they generate energy to move. Conventional vehicles burn petrol or diesel, and when this happens, it sets the engine in rotating motion. This enables the movement of the car. In contrast, electric vehicles do not burn fuel – they obtain power from batteries to run a controller that allows the movement of the car.

The main advantage of battery electric cars is that they are zero-emission at point-of-use. BEVs therefore provide local environmental benefits including cleaner air and reduced noise in urban areas.

Where to charge your car

Fast charging locations 

Fast charging locations UnitsBays
Amesbury – Central Car Park – Salisbury Road – SP4 7JE12
Chippenham – Monkton Park – SN15 1ER24
Chippenham – Monkton Park – SN15 1ER (Underground car park)12
Chippenham – Sadlers Mead Car Park  – SN15 3PA612
Corsham – Springfield Community Campus – Beechfield Road – SN13 9DN24
Royal Wootton Bassett – Borough Fields Car Park – SN4 7AX12
Salisbury – Britford Park & Ride – SP5 4DS12
Salisbury – Petersfinger Park & Ride  – SP5 3BZ12
Salisbury – Five Rivers (Campus) -Hulse Road – SP1 3NR28
Tisbury Community Campus – Weaveland Road – SP3 6HJ12
Trowbridge Library Car Park - 484 Bythesea Road BA14 8JJ12
Westbury – High Street Car Park –  Zone A – BA13 3BW12

Rapid charging location

Corsham –  Post Office Lane Car Park-  SN13 0BS12

The positioning of charge points

The points are positioned close to major routes to facilitate mid journey top up, with facilities such as a coffee shop nearby to accommodate drivers during the 20-30 minute recharge.

Other charge points locations

Great Western Railway has also installed electric vehicle charging points at some of its stations and one is available for public use at Trowbridge train station.

The location of the charge points will enable public sector staff, visitors and the public to use their electric vehicles when visiting/commuting to key locations in the region. The installation of charge points in Wiltshire will also make onward travel toward other parts of the country possible.

There are additional charge points installed at private locations throughout Wiltshire and the rest of the UK and you can find more information about them on the Co Charger, OpenChargeMap, LeaseFetcher, CarWow,  National Charge Point Registery

For more detailed information about low emission vehicles including electric vehicles and charging please visit the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

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