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Our new on-demand bus service Wiltshire Connect

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Whether you have a question about our booking app or how to pay your fare, you`ll find the answers to commonly asked questions below. Please also view our animated video for guidance with using our booking app.

Our telephone helpline on 01225 712900 is also open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

How do I register and create an account with Wiltshire Connect?

Follow these steps using your mobile phone or tablet:

1. Download the Wiltshire Connect app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

2. You`ll be asked to provide a Mobile phone number and you will be sent a verification code as part of the registration process.

3. Enter the requested information including your Name and email address if available.

4. Please give permission to allow notifications in our app so that we can keep you updated on service running information and promotions.

If you don’t have a smartphone or Android tablet, you can also register and book online here or by calling  01225 712900.
If you have special requirements, such as mobility restrictions or other disabilities that you’d like our drivers to be aware of, please call so that we can update your account. A home pick-up may be possible to arrange in certain circumstances.

How do I book a ride with Wiltshire Connect?

Once you have downloaded the App and registered, follow these steps to book a ride: (You can also book online here or by phone on 01225 712900).

  1. Select Choose date and time. (You can book a ride up to 7 days ahead and on the day with a minimum of 30 minutes notice).
  2. Select whether you require a Departure or Arrival time.  Always select Arrival if you need to be at your destination for a specific time and/or you are connecting to another mode of transport.
  3. Select the date and your preferred time for your ride. (Select the Series of rides option if you wish to book for multiple days).
  4. Either type in your start point or move the map around using the black pin to select a location on the map.  If you have booked rides before, you can also select from your Last Rides list or from your Favourite/Home/Work location.
  5. Then select your destination location in the same way.
  6. You will now be presented with a Ride Summary screen and the app will show you the nearest pick up and drop off points available for your journey.
  7. If you wish to change the type and number of passengers travelling, click on Passenger and then the plus button to change the number of Adult passengers, add a young person/child or infant or add a Wheelchair or Walker.  Important: If you travel with a concessionary bus pass follow the same process, click on Adult and select Concessionary Bus Pass so that your driver is aware that you do not need to pay.
  8. Once you are happy with the ride details, press the Continue button. Our app will then search for available vehicles. If there is a timetabled/semi-flexible Wiltshire Connect service available for your journey, this will be offered as a preferred option.
  9. You should then be presented with a ride option. If you are happy, select the Connection and then the green Book Now button.  At this point you will be shown any walking time required to access your preferred pick up or drop off location and an option of how to pay if you have added a credit/debit card in the app.
  10. Your ride is booked!  To book a return go to the Main menu and select Booked Rides, go to the ride you`ve just booked and click on the 3 dots and select Create return ride.  From Booked Rides you can also copy any ride booked by selecting Book again, Book for tomorrow etc.

What device can be used with the Wiltshire Connect app?

The Wiltshire Connect passenger app is available for Apple iOS (iOS 12 or higher) iPhone or Android (Android 6.0 or higher) Smartphone or Tablet.  Please note: The app is not compatible with an Apple iPad device.

To book online, you can access the web booking portal here:

Wiltshire Connect (

I do not have a smart device, can I still travel with Wiltshire Connect?

Yes! You can book online here using a PC or Tablet device.

Alternatively, our booking phone line is available on 01225 712900 and is open on Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.  If you wish to book or cancel a ride for a Saturday please do so by 5pm Friday.  If you book by phone, we will also send a SMS text message with the ride details.

I need to arrive at my destination for a specific time. How do I book this?

We recommend passengers allow a 10-20 minute buffer for delays when booking a ride that requires a specific arrival time.  This could be for a connecting bus or rail service, an appointment, or for work/education.

To do this, when booking a ride in the app, select the Arrival option and this will ensure that the arrival time is not adjusted. (Although your pick-up time may be moved later to accommodate other passengers).  If booking over the phone, please ensure you inform our Advisor that you need to be at your destination for a specific time so that the ride is booked correctly.

Will my pick-up time change?

If you have booked a ride with a departure time, the pick-up time provided at the time of booking is an estimate and is based on a 10 Minute pick up window.  Please be at your pick-up point in plenty of time.

If you have booked a ride with an arrival time, your latest arrival time is fixed and you will be given the earliest possible pick up time. The actual pick-up time on the day could be later (subject to other passenger rides) and you will receive a notification advising of the actual time closer to the pick-up.

If your pick-up time is delayed on the day, you will receive a notification on the App and/or SMS Text message. Please treat delay notifications as guidance only as vehicles can pick up time again.

What happens if the ride I request is not available?

Our booking platform automatically searches 45-60 minutes either side of the preferred time you have asked for in our app or if you have booked by phone.  If a ride is showing as unavailable and you are able to travel earlier or later in the day please adjust your time and try again.  We will be adding extra vehicles to our on-demand service throughout the Autumn and we will be monitoring availability closely.

All rides are subject to vehicle availability.

I have a mobility impairment. Can I use Wiltshire Connect?

Yes, all of our vehicles are low-floor and/or accessible.  If you require to travel with a Wheelchair or mobility aid, please ensure that when booking in the app, you edit the passenger details to indicate that a Wheelchair or Walker is required.  If booking over the phone, please ensure you inform our Advisor as it is important that  we provide our drivers with sufficient time to safely board and alight you.

A pick up and alight closer to home may be possible for passengers who have mobility problems or live in an isolated location. Please call our friendly booking team on 01225 712900 to enquire.

Our drivers can also provide assistance with boarding and alighting the vehicle if you need a helping hand.

How do I cancel a ride?

In our app, from the main menu go to Booked Rides and select the ride you wish to cancel. Click on details in the bottom right hand corner and then cancel ride.  You will be asked for a reason for the cancellation.  You can also cancel by phone as well.

Can I amend a Ride?

You can amend the number and type of passengers travelling on a ride you have already booked.  To do this in our app, from the main menu go to Booked Rides, select the ride you wish to adjust and then click on the green person icon on the right hand side.  Here you can adjust and amend the passengers travelling.

If you wish to change other details of a pre-booked ride including the pick up and drop off location, please cancel the ride and then re-book with the new details.

Amending and cancelling rides can also be done online or over the phone however if you wish to change a ride booked for a Saturday, please call before 5pm on a Friday.

Can I set a favourite location in the app?

Yes, when booking a ride in our app, click on the Star symbol alongside the stop/location and this will add it to your favourite list.

In addition when booking, you can also set an address or location as your Home or Work location.

How much does a ride cost and how do I pay?

Adult single tickets are priced at either £2 or £3 depending on the length of the journey and children & young people aged 5-21, are charged at half the normal Adult fare. (Under 5s are free).

Please note the £2 fare cap applies until the 31st December 2024 so all Adult single tickets are £2 until this date.

10 Journey tickets are also available to purchase for both Adults and young people offering a further discount.

Adult tickets can be purchased in the app or with cash or contactless payment card with your driver on board.  Child and young person tickets can only be purchased with the driver on the vehicle.

How do I pay in the app?

From the main menu in the app, go to Payment and add your credit or debit card by selecting the Credit cards option.

Once your payment card is added, when you book a ride in the app, the option to pay with your card will be shown. Payment is taken when the ride is successfully carried out.

You can also buy a single or 10 journey Adult ticket by selecting Passes on the Payment menu.  You will then be presented with the ticket products available. Please ensure you buy the correct ticket for your journey. Zone 1 is £2 for an Adult single ticket or £18 for a 10 ride ticket and a Zone 2 ride is normally £3 for an Adult single ticket or £26 for a 10 ride ticket.

Please note the £2 fare cap applies until the 31st December 2024 so all Adult single tickets are £2 until this date.

Child and young person tickets can only be purchased on board the vehicle with your driver.


I have a promo code. How do I use it?

In the app, go to Payments and Credits. Select Redeem a code and then enter the code you have.  The code and any discount will then apply to the next ride you book.

If you book your rides over the phone, please advise the Booking Advisor what your promo code is and the discount will be applied.

Can dogs travel on Wiltshire Connect buses?

Yes, dogs can travel on lead on our vehicles.  We do not charge for dogs.

I have an Older Person’s or Disabled Person’s bus pass (English National Concessionary Travel Scheme). Can I travel for free with Wiltshire Connect?

Yes – Concessionary bus passes are accepted on all of our services after 9am on Monday to Friday and all  day Saturday.

Can I track my vehicle?

Yes – In the app, passengers can track the current location of their vehicle and see when it will arrive.  In addition either a SMS Text or push notification in the App will provide an update on the expected arrival time.

My driver was great! How can I give feedback?

That`s great to hear! At the end of each ride, passengers have the option of providing a rating for certain aspects of their journey including the driver and can also give their comments.

My driver left without me. What do I do?

On the app, you can track your vehicle as it arrives. We ask all passengers to arrive at their pick up point on time and unfortunately vehicles cannot wait more than 60 seconds for passengers to turn up.

If the vehicle has left you can either re-book a new ride on the app for later or call our helpline on 01225 712900.

Please note: No shows will be logged by the driver and passengers can be excluded from using the service for a period if 3 No shows are logged in a calendar month.

My connecting service is running late. What do I do?

We advise passengers to allow a 10-20 minute buffer for delays when booking a ride from another public transport service.

If you are connecting from a late running bus or rail service which will impact your Wiltshire Connect ride, please send us a SMS text through the app with your revised arrival time. You can do this by going to the main menu, go to Support and then SMS support.  Alternatively you can contact our helpline on 01225 712900 on Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm.

If there is a significant delay, you may wish to cancel your existing ride and then try to rebook for later.

I had an issue with my ride. How can I contact you?

We`re sorry to hear this. You can contact us by:

  • Send us a text message in the app. Go to Support from the main menu and SMS support
  • By Email –
  • By Phone – Call 01225 712900 (Open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)

Do I need to book to use Wiltshire Connect timetabled services?

You can board our timetabled/semi-flexible services without pre-booking from most stops however locations shown as P on the timetable require Pre-booking.  This can be done through our app or by calling our booking helpline.

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