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Pewsey Vale Zone 

You can book a ride anywhere in the area shown on the map below between 6am-8pm Monday-Friday and 7.30am-8pm on Saturdays. (Rides within Devizes Town are generally not permitted).

Our vehicles can pick up and alight in a number of locations in Pewsey, including Pewsey Co-op, North Street, Railway Station and Broadfields to name just a few. In Devizes, we can pick up and alight at various locations including the Market Place, Morrisons, Hopton Industrial Estate and health facilities on Marshall Road.

Please note: Rides cannot be booked between stops on the X5 route during periods when the X5 is running. The X5 timetable can be found here:

X5 Timetable

Wiltshire Connect also operates the following timetabled/semi-flexible services:

Passengers may board these services without pre-booking at most locations where a time is shown on the timetable.  Locations denoted with a P require pre-booking to divert the bus. This can be done using our app or by phone on 01225 712900.

(Not all locations are shown on the map).

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