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Travel plans

School travel plans are developed by schools to encourage children to walk, cycle, scoot, use public transport or car share rather than travel to school by car. There is particular emphasis on active travel modes like walking and cycling to encourage children to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Wiltshire Council has a School Travel Plan Advisor to support schools in this process.  There is also a Sustrans Bike It Plus officer working with a number of schools in the Chippenham and Trowbridge areas to encourage cycling, walking and scooting to school.

In addition, Connecting Wiltshire and Sustrans are working with a number of schools and colleges across the county to provide a Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) service to both students and parents. PTP is a technique used to deliver information and motivation to help people consider their travel habits and choices.

Further information on School Travel Plans is available on the Wiltshire Council website.

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